Will hoge - Heartbreak avenue

She was just 16 with a pack of cigarettes and a pawn shop ring
She wanted things to turn out like she'd seen on that silver screen
So she hit the road with her thumb in the air and a ring in her nose
She had a tattoo of a butterfly because that's the way it goes
When you don't know just which way the wind will blow

Hey girl where are you going to
Say that you'll be the queen of heartbreak avenue

She met a boy out there with a silver el dorado and jet black hair
He had a tattoo of Elvis so they took their clothes off to compare
And well you know just how far these things can go

Then the sun came shining bright and true love in the morning
Never feels like it did last night
He left a letter that said goodbye hold on tight
Now he's gone so she'll just move along



So you say you don't know how your broken
Dreams just drag you down


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