Will hoge - Ms. williams

Ms. Williams where did you stay last night
Say you wasn't home till the sun was shining far too bright
The way you wear your hair I know it surely was not right
Ms. Williams could you tell me where you stayed last night

Sun goes down and it's the same old thing
Float the whiskey river to the mountains of cocaine
Looking for that one true love to tell her she's a star
Instead she's drinking with a long haired boy that plays a rock and roll guitar

she just wants to shine
Her heart gets broken every time but she knows some day soon she'll find
Ms. Williams where did you stay last night

In a wedding dress that no one wore
The whole world's on fire so she slams the door
With a bible on the front seat and a shotgun in the floor she
Points her headlights into hollywood because she wants so much more


[Repeat first verse]

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