Lucifer's friend - In the time of job when mammon was a yippie

In the time of job when Joseph was a chippy
All the sons of pharaoh's were kings
The word was passed around
That mammon was a yippie
And papin had to learn a few things

First there was a light
Copy right by Moses
And Abraham was playing the stooge
With pilot on the right and Mary and her roses
Had a reputation to lose

Oh yeah!
Oh behold the eye
Screw me I'm a tuba
Free as a beanstalk
Coogan flipped for,
Get down on your knees and love
And love the man

Mary said to Joe there ain't no play
That's easy
You want to see them fall for the tricks
All we got to do is let them take it easy
And make like he's working for kicks

When they know job got up, the boss is in Judea
Knew they had a fish on the hook
Went calling all the boys
And sold them the idea
To write the story down in a book

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