Lil' mo - Last night
Overige artiesten: Changing faces

Yo, I'ma tell you 'bout them four letter words
Your momma used to tell you about, uh-huh
I'm not talkin' 'bout cuss words
I'm talkin' 'bout this word, often said
But do we mean it?
I'ma tell you 'bout L-O-V-E, know what I'm sayin'
You get around your crew, I'm just "alright"
but you ain't say that last night
For real, you know, it's all gravy baby
Uh, yeah, it's all gravy baby
But uh, I'ma break it down to you like this
Uh, uh, hit me

Tryin' to get nobody comin' at me
Cause you with your good buddy
It seems to me it's all of a sudden
Cause the night before
You treated me so different, see

Tryin' to say it wasn't too funny
Sayin' that you playin' like you really love me
Sweet nothings, so you can
Cut somethin', touch somethin'
Last night you really thought you
Were tryna do something

Don't you want me?
Don't you need me?
To give you kisses
And to hold you tight
Don't you love me?
Don't you trust me?
Cause I remember
That's what you said last night

So what you want to do baby?
Are you still showin' out? Are you actin' shady?
You can keep that boy, it's gravy baby
But I refuse to let you come around my way
And continue to play me baby
Cause I believed when you said to me
I was all you need
Or was you fakin' me?


I really want to be your lover
I want you to love me like no other
If you feel you in a tired situation
Won't be the one that you're playin'
I know you feel the same way too
But you front in front of your crew
It's alright, I can play that too
As long as you remember
What you say you'll do

Don't you want me?

[Chorus: x2]


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