Lil' flip - Haters
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I'm a lane switcha, I'm a young game spitta why you lookin
At my rims cause mine can't bigga but I ain't jigga I'm Lil' Flip
You know me baguettes and precious cuts
All in my rolie I don't shop a police cause I'm top
Of the line did you see how I made my Bentley drop to the
Ground, I'm a codeine dranker that's all I sip
And 2000 cars that's all I flip
If it ain't on chrome I can't sit in it
If it ain't a big body I can't fit in it
Down south we all about are money
Down south we get are piece made by johnny
Down south we like to swang on glass
If you want to sixteen you better bring my cash
I'm a millionaire for real and now you know
My bank account say 10000

I'ma playa on 20's rider
U.P.T resider Bentley off the show room
First class driver everything I own gotta be paid out
I bought a mansion in Spain
Next to bill gates house
I love money large amounts
I never wrote a check the bank bounced
Whoadie I'm use to livin lavish
I gotta rolie on my wrist about forty karats
I like to cruise so I bought me a yacht
I like baby's house so I bought the whole block
Whoadie can't you see I get my shine on
I done moved my coliseum into the super dome ya heard me

Why y'all haters so mad?
I don't know why baby
Hummers and Jags
Why y'all hatin the way y'all do?
Why y'all haters so mad?
I don't know why baby
Hummers and Jags
'Cause we in Hummers and Jag

I bought a Jag off the show floe
Wit no miles paid it out I can't stand notes
Wrote a check for 70 grand my shit paid for
My money legal I ain't worried bout the feds brah
18 set for life dog I'm livin' gravy
Girl that's big enough for me and you ain't it baby
I got some shit around my wrist
That do nothing but sparkle
My clothes and my mansion they madeamara
So much Ice in my pinky ring tellins horror
All my arms tattooed nigga C.M.R
Moved mom's out the hood to washatona
She needed transportation so I bought a rover
She couldn't drive so I hired a mazda chauffer
Tomorrow night I'm goin to dinner wit your girl
Oprah,Oprah hoes see me in the club
Be like that boy rich
I don't take bathes in water Moet and Cris
I got some shit around my wrist
That a blind the day
How many niggas you know sleepin' in Versace beds
Man that platinum 20 thousand dollars spreads
My nigga sold a trans am that was special made


We gon' ball wit shunny pooh for the millennium
We 18 live in condominium

We ride on blades we ride on glass
And we got TV's inside our jags

We in private jets we never on land
We ballin outta control ya understand

I stay in cloverland that's all I know
And big head dollars that's all I hold

Big body on brauders that's all I know
20 inch rims is all I roll

And my watch too cold
You know we actin' bad shunny pooh
Now I see why them haters mad


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