Mr. Capone-E - What's My Name

[Mr. Capone-E]
Man ese aqui paso, soy Capone
Tu sabes Brown Royal Entertainment nomas
Make all you fuckin putos bounce to this
Catch this rolla and grab your pistola

Ride, ride from side to side
Southside Pride mashing all fucking night
Another crazy ass g that's born to roll
Sittin on chrome looking for some hoes
We mobbin and our heads keep bobbin
Countin us some hundreds in a burned out blosses
Stoppin see some socas in a Blazer
Remember them putos son player haters
And you know I can't be faded leva
Ain't nothin fun I'm jacking money so keep trucha
And open your ears and your beers to the one and only assassin
Laughin to the hynas that keep mackin
So ask yourself "Whose the motherfuckin pimp"
In other words whose the motherfuckin shit
The sly, the slick, the one outstanding a.k.a. Capone
And I keep it fucking bouncing

Bouncing side to side
Give it up to the day we fucking die
Don't ask why cause we ride all day
Stuck in the lost calles in Californ-i-a
Straight bouncing side to side
Give it up to the day we fucking die
Don't ask why and I'm sitting on chrome
What's my motherfucking name...Capone

Tick tock, tock it to the left
It's about nine thirty hit the 7 11
Got some zigzags and a bottle of Bacardi
Hit the straight bubbly looking for a party
Rollin in my homies ride
Bouncin up and down straight side to side
through a motion and we coastin non-stop
Pop drop the top and let me run up on the spot UHH
And you know I gots to get up on in
Win with the grin, bring her to the Holiday Inn
Then again, baby give 'em Bacardi, Juice an' Gin
Think again which one ?? for the looks of Virgin, Surgeon
But I'm workin I get up in the skirt an
Listen to belur if your scared go to church an
Ay Tupac but All Eyes On Me
Bouncin for the homies, the one and only, Capone-E uhh


"Capone-E Capone-E we love you pimp daddy"
Q-vole anyways and I'm back up in my Caddy
Have me and grab me but please don't come close
Cause I'mma type of vato that'll love them hoes
Let it go, so let let lets bou bouce again
Cause it ain't over till it's over till I hit the fuckin pen
Then again once again I hit the late night strip
"Lil Dreamer's on the side Sir Capone-E never slip y'all"
So mirror mirror on wall whose the biggest pimp of all
Call me the gangsta that falls on small or brawl
I creep and crawl stand tall
Baby doll like Mack Mall I'mma drop my drawls pause
Hit chu with the rollas one time time
Got my pistol on the side, SouthSide till I die
While I swallow my ?? I be clownin
Aqui para soy Capone and I keep on fucking bouncin

[Chorus 2x]

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