Pharrell Williams - Can i have it like that?
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Ladies and Gentlemen .....
Yes Sir, Let's Do It, Yes Sir

Yo, On and on and my nuts I'm palming, take two of these and call me in the morning
You should see the way the chain harnest the charm'n,- fly.
I'm like a bird like Nelly Furtado.
Shit pop your bottles toast and scream cheers. Get you two step cause this the record of the year, Nigga that brought you Ice Cream, Two for a pair, officially announcing this is warfare. Cause back in the day my clouds was grey and it seems like my angels couldn't blow them away, But then I sold my first verse and copped that NSX, But I was still riding in them thin ass jets, but now my vision's so clear out the window of the Leer and I'm talking on my celly all the shit that you should hear, listen clearly now, hello, can you hear me know?

Can I have it like that? You got it like that. (Repeats 4 times)
So drop your purse and grab your hips and act like you trying to get this money's right quick.
So Can I have it like that? You got it like that. (Repeats 2 times)

On and on this be the zone-in, I control their minds straight over the phone, let them explore the words, something like a Taurus, and never get addicted unless heady wop is surious, from Louie deals to Jimmy Choos' he's real, she knows the time she sees the Richard Mille, plat double skeletal tourbillon, it's just like her body moves, it turns her on, she like the way my hand use her body for hand warmers and all our car doors go up like transformers, see I can do this-a-way, I can do that-a-way, from the crib in Virginia to that new Miami getaway, so cool it like New Edition, unless you hot as you say, then I get it ok, let it boil away, but please run along cause ladies are feeling wrong, and got something right for them right after this song. My name is Skate Board P.

Ladies and Gentlemen.........


On and on, the temperature is warming, I spit heat flashes, niggas get nauseas. Bright as a bitch, so analyze with caution, when the light hits the ice bet a hundred that you vomit. Should I mention the fact the transition is the track, and no incision to my vision just to get me where I'm at, little skateboard he's too grown, riding up and down Collins in that new two tone. It's so cold you don't want to feel the chill of it, should just stand back and just look at the grill of it, I don't smoke, but I bet the sensamille of it, totally intensifies the vivid ass appeal of it, You can be jealous and grit your teeth, but all these little niggas got something in reach, so if want heat these niggas can fund heat while I'm on my boat party trying to Sun Seek. My name is Skate Board P.
Ladies and Gentlemen.........

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