Mr. shadow - She's a hoe

Sneaky, kinky bitches
She's a hoe
She's a hoe

Where's all the freaky, sneaky, kinky bitches
In this motherfucking house that be tricking
Bouncing, smoking, hella drinking
Smoke the crondom, broad what you thinking
Explicit, X-rated to the max
Climax, I got you melting like wax
So take your time
Give me yours and I'll owe you mine
Fill the mind of any man how you shake that figure, shit
I'll blow your mind how I this work finger
Nine milli for the haters, can't nobody fade us
Going down like elevators, rough necks like alligators
It's better late then never, girl you know the rest
Why you trying to be cute, banging fools in a tight dress
You might stress over petty ass shit
But I never have and I won't you punk bitch

She's a hoe
You see a dick and you lose control
She's a hoe
You freaky bitch don't act like you don't know
She's a hoe
You see a dick and you lose control
She's a hoe
You freaky bitch don't act like you don't know

Hey dog let's get this shit popping
It ain't stopping till the clothes start dropping
Lights, camera, action
It's Mr. Shadow babygirl, I heard you're asking
Massive exposure, I thought I told ya
You said that you're good but my homeboy knows ya
Back on up
I'm from the West and I'm throwing it up
Blowing up like see-4, dynamite, or black powder
When you come to me it'll be your last hour
Girl how about a trick with your man
Serve my dogs and then get the fuck out
Far out's where we go, a place you don't know
A spot where motherfuckers be taking your hoe
Oh no, how many times did it happen
I don't know but your bitch loves cacking


There's one more thing
About your bitch and the shit that she brings
Tongue rings, G-strings and lingere
Alize, hennessy, indo smoke and bombay
All day slutty ways, the nerve of this bitch
Like my dog Kurupt said just swerve with this trick
Big thighs, pretty eyes, it shouldn't be no surprise
That your girl was a hoochie fucking so many guys
Spanish fly in her drink, got her thinking X-rated
I guess that's how they penetrated
And you hated, trust no man or bitch on this motherfucking planet


'cause she's a hoe
She's a hoe
She's a hoe
She's a hoe

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