Mr. shadow - Westside

Westside, Westside
Westside, Westside

[Chorus x2]
If you're feeling kind of tipsy and high tonight
Take a choke it's time to ride tonight
It's alright on the Westside, the Westside

Break through Stacy Adams, Anchor Blue gangster stepping
Ain't nobody slipping, one of my boys got a weapon
I'm headed to the park, jeans swinging left to right
Feeling alright, keep my dogs all in sight
Baller night, shot caller night, helicopter light spinners
And it's barely the beginning
Hot women spending big faces for hours
Drinking White Russians and Mintory Sours
Leaning like the tower, bent to the limit
Take another shot for the block, homey clear it
I hear it in the back, I hear it in the front
Westside, Killer Cal, whether you like it or not
Posted up at the spot, show me what you got
Next round is on me, believe me it don't stop
Till you drop, that's the was we gonna handle this
From San Diego to Los Angeles we're scandelous

[Chorus x2]

How about we play quarters or spin the bottle
The rule of the game drink it all till it's hollow
Follow my lead, take it to the brain
Whether we're swigging or hitting Mary Jane
If you can't hang or maintain me and my gang
Under control and then we let the shots ring
If you claim to be a baller let it be known
Mr. Shadow from San Diego
Killafornia making you bounce to this
Worldwide let's ride through the early mist
If you ain't on the list then you ain't wanted here
Bring all the cups and the brew over here

[Chorus x2]

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