Benediction - Where Flies Are Born

Our unity of war and art
Lost the human creed
Here you¹re no more than a shade
Of blood that never bleeds
The silence breaks, the die is cast
Ignore our final pleas
Engage insanity
World falls to it¹s knees
Sound the knell of jealousy
Unheard dying¹s scron
Genocide prodigiously
Where flies are born
Warhorse died on this impure realm
Defiant in it¹s death
Smelled the fragrant bitter blood
And draws it¹s final breath
Begin the crimson dust decay
Commence the fall of light
Atavistic human trait
Born of chaotic night
Blood pain (x2)
Tranquill peace attained by strife
Now all is lost
Season of the ice arrives
The killing frost
Blood pain (x2)

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