Eric bibb - No more cane on the brazos

you 'ought to have been here in 19 and 4
you could find a dead body in every road
down on the Brazos

I wish you was here in 19 and 10.
They was drivin' the womens just like they was men.
down on the Brazos

If I had a sentence like ninety-nine and nine.
All the dogs on this Brazos could not keep here
not down on the Brazos

I looked at the sun the sun was turnin' red
you know i looked at my partner man liked to drop down
down on the Brazos

Go down now Hannah don't you ride no more
now if you rise in the morning for any judgement sho'
down on the Brazos

Ain't no more cane on this Brazos
They done ground it all to molasses.
down on the Brazos

Writers: BIBB

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