Common - Time Travelin' (A Tribute to Fela)
Overige artiesten: Vinia Mojica Roy Hargrove Femi Kuti

Yo wassup world?
Yo what's happening?
It's the C-double-O and I'm back again
Take this back and then, tell a friend
Spaces and places you been, time travelin
Time travelin

Yo, I was a piano player in my last lifetime
Now I write rhymes, sip white wine and let my light shine
Out the dark space, with the world on my mind like Scarface
Though my sex drive like a car chase
More than a uhh, it's the piece of mind I chase
Stakes are high, like my uncle is
We both got problems, he never confronted his
Under the bridge I wrote, some shit to stay afloat
And paint a picture, raw like the first coat
Send my old man a note to keep his phone on
My little cuz'll know cheap tricks are homegrown
Travel to a place sweeter than home, listenin to Nina Simone
Repeat this psalm, to the sky I'm keepin my palms
Facin the east, actions macin the beast
Embracin the streets, my guy caught a case cuz he beat
His lady down, it's two-thou
That ain't the way we lay it down
Souls get, found and lost at the roads they cross
Many paid dues, but few knew the costs
I ran through the Moss like Randy
Touching down with God, close friends, and family
Recognize the voice in the wilderness
Com Sense, '92 and I'm still in this

Time travelin, took my time in hand
My rhyme learn and plan
Jealousy, money and pride can burn a man
Some walk but never learn to stand
Still, afraid to expand what they feel
I'm dealin wit, wakes, marriages
ATM's, Ericsson's
Loud niggas that whisper carelessness
If we livin in Revelation
Why should the people of the sun have to run?
Come to Esau in a year, he'll have freedom
He ask why I hadn't been to see him
Really, I ain't have a good reason
He said, "Rah, give back what you receivin"
In a race against time, I was caught
In the same game as you, but long live the sport
It's time travelin
It's the C-double-O and I'm back again
Take this back and then, tell a friend
Spaces and places you been
Time travelin time travelin

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