Eve - Here we go
Overige artiesten: Drag-on

Uh, yeah, uh
Drag-On, E-V-E
Bronx style Q, uh, yeah, uh, uh
Yeah, what, yeah, yo, yo

I'm a pop them guns, hit them n****s up
Switch that buggy, Drag; get that bigger truck
Watch Drag split a n**** like he split his dutch
And if y'all love him much, let me see y'all dig him up
Cop that Benz then dip them rims
Wait till money leave then tell her hop right in
See the buggy no tense see something
Beats thumping; pump stuff in the trunk, and
If worse come to worse, I'm gone and for good
So first things first: get my moms out the hood
Front when you see the face, and you see me everyday
That's okay, Drag brought too many bullets anyway
Look y'all the Sunday; that means it's football
While when I picked the gun play, y'all n****s picked the runnin' play
All you do is run in late, double R last long
E to the V E with the Drag to the dash On

[Chorus x 2]
Here we go, doin' our thing again
Climbin' them charts again
Stoppin' your flow
(Y'all n****s isn't makin' no money)

Yo, shorty, flip this game; b****es ain't the same
Surface ride or die, now you never hear they name
'Cause E-V-E got it locked down tight
B****es ball, watch 'em fall, made it mine for life
Killin' it with Drag-On; I mean dash On
Y'all n****s complain while we get this cash on
Get our blast on and mash on anyone tryin'
Too late, luck turned bad; you left dyin'
And I got no fear; f*** it, don't care
Know my n****s, then you know that we gon' blast in the air
Weak shots, not; change you for block
Stop game; no pain down from the dock
Take out who, invincible crew
Got n****s that don't even hang with us with tattoos
Most influential
N****, please, who sent you?
Smells like enemy
Take you out, it's essential

[Chorus x 2]

Yo, yo, I got bullets to give to ya
And a fast way to send 'em to ya
You might not be able to live with that or give it back
Hold it for now
Aiyyo, Eve, I'm holdin' you down
'Cause they know our pockets is swollen now
It's over for the clowns

Aiyyo, crazy if they think we lazy; got the bankin'
Us all stop that, maybe leave 'em stankin'
B**** of the litter and how you gon' rid of her?
Never shy, speak to the public after we hit 'em up

Drag'll come through your town, sunroof down
Guns is packed with rounds
Drag ain't stupid now
I'm smart, but y'all can get the dumb dumbs in a lump sum
'Cause you know they all come when run come

Aiyyo, ride shotgun; crowds scream how come
Cops lay; chest plate blown outcome
How you gon' try snatch our fame without none?
Muzzled mouth lights knocked out; we 'bout done

[Chorus x 4]

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