Mr. shadow - Blazin'

Who's that fool in a 62 Impala
Heard it through the vine
You was mad cause I'ma baller
I'ma tell you how it is
When I thug through these streets
I mob with my dawgs
And these hogs play for keeps
You'll sleep deep in a grave
For misbehaving
Inhalin' the chronic smoke
It ain't know joke I'm gang related
Reinstated by the pecker wood
Situated in my neighborhood
Still an active gang member understood
Now you can find me
After, a bitch that be swingin'
Puffin in the dark see the spark
When I'm hittin' the blunt
They got me spinnin'
Thinkin' up a way
To make a buck
Fuck it I hustle every day
I hate cops and they hate me
Cause I won't stop
To grow my sticky stems of grass
So they wanna burn my crops
Props to all my drug smokin'
Law breakers
Life takers
You better duck and cover
If you's a faker trick

[Chorus:Repeat x2]
I kick rhymes for the bangers
I blast at these haters
Drink Alezaey and smoke weed
With true players
Nothin but smilin faces around me
Lookin out for one time
Cause I don't believe in goin' to county

It's the Mr. Original
Bald headed criminal
Shadow of your life
619 is my area code
My dawg Wicked
Gettin' lifted like a shovel
And if you see my boy Huttle
Then you know your
Hood's in trouble
Cause it be that free wheelin'
Drug dealin' soldier
I want the money and doujah
Fuck exposure
Close your mouth open your eyes
And peep game
How I make it taste dark like my name
Make way CA is the state
SD is my town
Beyond is my label
So you haters bow down
Gangsta style is what I bring
When I create these melodies
Dedicated to them crooks catchin' felonies
Remember me as the stalker of your life
That one man battalion livin' by the knife
Through the night cause I'ma rider
With my poket lighter
Ready to homicide a mothafucka
So trucha cause I'll buck ya
Duck you in the dirt
Like a seed of marijane
Explode like propane
When you step into my domain
The K is what I claim
Mr. Shadow is my name
All I want is the moolah
So fuck you homie and the fame


Now I'm bouncin' loungin'
Chillin' in a different state
Playa haters stay away
Before you get sprayed
Lay to rest cause in the West
We don't play
Strapped with chrome
Shake dome is the way
Say that one day
Me and you ever clashed
I hate to tell you homie
I'ma have to whip your ass
Twenty five smash while I mash in the lo lo
Trust no man and stay away from the po po
Stay secluded from society
Some stated that I was gonna have
The killer blood inside of me
Sapriety is some thing I never feel
Now my daddy always told me
To be the king of the hill
Shoot to kill
When I be dumpin' on my rivals
I gotta runnin' and duckin'
Make sure there's no survival
So check your vitals
Cause I don't know what you've been sniffin'
And you are wiggin'
If you thinkin' you could ever catch
Me slippin', punk


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