Funkmaster flex - Wow
Overige artiesten: Big kap Angie martinez

Look at me, Angie
Let's go, let me hear it

[Chorus: x2]
Come on, let's do it now
Just move around
Move to the sounds
Look at me, Wow!

Look at me and how I put it down
I was working while you stood around
See, I don't got to be the best chick
But for the heat y'all know who to get with

Whether you knock it in your Benz of your Lexus
If you go the bracelet of the necklace
If you want to O.D. or just test this
It don't matter cause we coming on some neck shit

I bet this be the one that takes the world
Even though some of y'all want to hate the girl
But watch your mouth, I'm the type that run the show
Plot the low, quick get your money and go

See y'all ain't really nothing to me
All day you hear my name and got something to say
But I'm a chill, lay it down, make a hit and do me
Angie, up close don't worry you'll see

[Chorus: x2]
Come on, let's do it now
Just move around
Move to the sounds
Look at me, Wow!

What you gonna do now
I'll make it real hot, let me cool down
Look I don't care what other people doin
I just want to spit and try to keep it movin

What they gonna say when a bitch drop hits
Y'all niggas ain't never gonna stop this
Watch this, you ain't never gonna top this
On your hot list, shit is just monotonous

You ain't never gonna be hot, shit
You rap mad like De-Da
Me I stay cool, I know the remedy
Make sure you cats all remember me

I ain't never want to fall I want to ball hard
And leave the hatin' motherfuckers all scarred
You got no points on the score card
So you can't be a part of the all-stars

[Chorus: x2]

Look at me getting cocky wit it
When its on then its on, ain't no stoppin' with it
Ride the beat like my Poppy get on top of it
Knockin' it for them fuckers that be poppin' shit

Keep the development, and how she rock it so eloquent
Not to wreck with, resources to dead shit
Well-connected, well-respected
It the Big Kap, Ange, Funk Flex shit

[Chorus: x4]

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