Mr. shadow - Excited
Overige artiesten: Mr. lil one

Hey Shadow

Sup Dawg

See that mothafucka over there tryin to mad doggin
He's lookin like the sun's up in his face
You know why

What's up

Look at his girl
She's lookin at who?


I'm so excited got your bitch on my dick
And the hoe want to ride it

I'm so excited got your bitch on my dick
And the hoe want to ride it

I'm so excited got your bitch on my dick
And the hoe want to ride it

I'm so excited got your bitch on my dick
And the hoe want to ride it

I remember when I met you
I knew I had to sweat you
Had me all erected so how could I neglect it
Seen you around meant your man was in the county
Set to serve a bid now I'm headin to where you live
I got me a posse forget you or not
Maybe we could talk and exchange our iner thoughts
Knowin one another but keep it undercover
I got to keep a secret if I want to be your lover
Now keep it on the down low, nobody knows
Sippin on my beer as you're whisperin in my ear
Tellin me your real and that you want to feel
Like you would ever leave me, descive me, believe me
Never have I trusted a women that I lusted
Now were always screwin and nobody could ruin it
that's what you told me, when you would hold
Now I hold a grudge from the colors that you show me

I got scopes that are deadly like strokes when I roll by
Everybody sayin hi, I'm not knowin why
All up in the mix and still triple sixen
I brag when I sag with a bag full of trixes
Stay away from the rain when it falls
The baddest of them all hit it up on your walls
Kinda like Ruch Banis I got the fame
I'm young and bad and I'ma blow up like his plane
It gets kinda a critical when I get lyrical
Words that I speak got your fiendin like tweak
Show em no pity down to the grity
Kinda like when Jesus got jumped by a whole city
It gets scary so watch who you marry
She might be the first one to laugh when you're buried
Take you for your goods all alone in the woods
Sufferin lonely what about your homies
Everybodies fake so watch who you trust
The girl that you love is the girl that I lust
Watch as I take her, show you she's a faka
Go ahead baby shake your money maker

I creep and I crawl
I shoot and make em fall
I'm posted on your walls
Now who you gonna call
It's me and my dawg through the fog breakin laws
2 bald headed thugs with the slugs for the cause
Pause, hold up, wait up, and give me an minute
Remember it was you and only you all up in it
But all of a sudden, your mind went through changes [changes]
Never talk to strangers [strangers]
You should of told her, beggin me to hold her
Look over your shoulder Hi it's me
And all because of a rap got a knife in your back
You're crazy for life now she's gonna be your wife
Now ain't that a shame when she calls out my name [Shadow]
So how do you feel, are you fake or ya real
So why don't you come and face me
You lick her and you taste me
And even though you hate me
I'm knownin that you praise me


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