U.t.f.o. - So be it

Do they know the deal about us? I don't think they do
Because they ask who are, we what are you new?
We're the double Ices on the rhyme, and on the cut
Stompin' out suckers like cigarette butts
Swing it, Ice - To the left? Whatever side feels best

Well it's time to get busy ?
But stay away from girls that got the heebie-geebies
After this scratch then Ice'll conclude
Like my boy Doc would say: rock 'n roll, dude

Sekkle dread

Turn up the volume from the mid to the max
'Cause Mix-Master Ice is back
When it come to cuts, most deejays are neglectin' it
I'm resurrectin' it, puttin' a concept in it (say what?)
My hands are bombs, please don't try to detonate
I'm so def, you can't avoid acceptin' it
Mix-Master, I can flip disaster
Not too many deejays I know can cut faster
Don't fraudulate, don't try to be a clone
'Cause I'm a ninja and I break bones
I stand by myself, not beside myself
This obstacle's impossible for anyone else
So bring a record and watch me wreck it
It's copy-written, BMI-protected
The needle ain't feeble beside my hand
I emphasize my cuts cause I'm the band
So look in the mirror and you'll find out
That I'm one of a kind without no doubt
There's no connection in your profession
You don't have my eyes nor my complexion
Nothin can affect me, nothin can defect me
When I cut, I got my hands to protect me
Makin me a barricade, deejay's can't nah me fade
I'm so def, hah, my middle name is Razorblade

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