Willie dixon - Flamin' mamie

They call her Flamin' Mamie
She's the hottest thing in town
When it comes to loving
She's a human oven
She can really mow 'um down
Every time she shimmy
Every time the poor girl shake
Mamie do more damage
Than the San Francisco quake

Mamie loved the fireman
The fireman had to retire
Said he tried the rest
But she's the best
She's hotter than Chicago's fire

Mamie told guitar red
She could love a man
Till he falls dead
She told Cruda Crall, John and Jack
She would love them all
Till she breaks their backs

Mamie loved her way to hell
She loved the devil
And she loved him well
Little devil running up and down the wall
Saying do something daddy
She's gonna love us all

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