Devo - Nu-tra speaks (new traditionalist man)

Greetings beautiful mutants
And how may we be of service?
This is Nu-Tra for Devo incorporated
Checking in with the many factions

Of devolutionary humans
Who have waited so faithfully this past year
While Devo gathered its strength
For the next offensive

As many of you can see
The road ahead is filled with danger
It's not nuclear bombs we must fear
But the human mind itself

Or lack of it on this planet
It's time to go beyond the normal thing
It's time to do the super thing
It's time for Devo

There is no question about it
The spud boys are ready with
New songs, new films and new approaches
To survival, in a world filled with subhumans

Lies, lies, lies
That's all we get
From those who pretend to know but don't
But once again Devo attempts

To cut through the mental grease and grime
With techniques of positive mutation
Designed to protect you
From the ninnies and the twits

Remember, no one knows
So let's find out, Devo asks the questions
That help point us all in the right direction
To go forward, move ahead

And give the past the slip
It's time to seek out new traditions
We know where the old one's took us
And now we are all here together

So let's go take in the full measure
Of Devo's new traditionalist spirit
The vinyl record and cassette tape
Of Devo's latest musical outpourings

Is entitled simply 'New traditionalists'
To purchase, it is not like spending money
But rather, it is an investment in the future
In a blow against the empire

This is Nu-Tra for Devo incorporated saying
'Bombs away'

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