Devo - Mecha-mania boy

This is the boy who burns the books
This is the way he always looks
This is the boy who smashed his car
This is the boy who went too far

Washed his eyes with yellow soap
He stole his daddy's microscope
All alone or in a crowd
Never say his name aloud

Now he wants to know your unit's name
Where you go and whence you came
He's the mecha-mania boy
This is the boy who never goes slow

He is the one who destroys his young
(Oh no everybody got a new way to go)
All alone or on the telephone
He knows the time you spend at home

(Oh no never say I didn't tell you so)
Washed his hands of his daddy's fate
He put himself in an alternate state
In a crowd or all alone

No one's laughing anymore

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