Boogiemonsters - Strange

(And I like it)

Think quick as I split
Atoms and bust critical mass through some plastic
Get hot like saliva but spit like boric acid
Ditty done run get amped off the wonder man surprise
Mercury rise, I rock off my greedy little eyes
Sun, moon, pronouncing the energy is solar
With tongue numba one I have fun, rockin' fuller
Let me wash the aloe vera from my strands just stop blocking
The scientific method of the locking, check it
As I, shoot the ray beam from the moon
Then rebound off the lunar, get amped off the beats
And mic get tuned, check the rhythm
Into another dimension for direction
Arrange when I dissect, rearrange when I'm dissecting
The flavor, how many does it take to get to the core
Of a Boogie monster, when he rip it or he's raw
So, what ya got, jigga nigga Jugganaut
I'm strange when I rhyme

Well I'm beyond critical mass, feel the lyrical blast
Vex the vortex, man of the past
Livin' in the present, and walkin' in the future
H-two-oh's, the flow as I dilute ya
Twenty-one years now I stand as a man
Drinking from the ocean crushing mountains in my hand
The natural one, eighty-four seasons I have come
Wisdom goes to those that see the sun
God, iniquity's thicker
Any black man who draws the blood of another he's a quitter
Avoid, so go and get a stricken babysitter
A million dreadlocks throws devil in the picture
Purgatory, just to sickle all that petty talkin' deranged
Boogie monsters come in strange

[Repeat: x5]
(And I like it)
Ha ha ha, these kids are nice

Mondo McCann, microphone man
Yodaredsee Milo, dig when his mind expand
Vex to the rhyme is never social man
Myntric funk tanker slang a banger fifty grand
With the Riders of the Storm can yes we can can
Pack a black attack to evacuate the land
The empire's falling check the New World Order
For the slaughter, run for shelter, underwater
See seventy percent of the world's underwater
Seventy percent of your body's underwater
Seventy percent of what we live is out of range
We rearrange disorder, but niggaz say we strange

A million and one things in our vocabulary are considered strange
Some are legendary, some deranged
But we be not the suck shits cause we explore untouched
Consider hip-hop a big virgin and we ah
Remember your first days of course the sex it felt strange
You blindly explored each other's emotional plane, but hey
The Boogie monsters consist of four
Experimentin' from now til forever and we score
with the Jugganauts the giants, all the way to humans
Forever buildin' hip-hop and if not nigga we're fumin' 'cause we're

[Repeat: x9]
(And I like it)
Ha ha ha, these kids are nice


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