Group home - The legacy
Overige artiesten: Guru

[Intro: Melachi The Nutcracker]
Yo this is the Nutcracker, youknawhatI'mmsayin?
I got my mine Lil Dap, and my man Guru from Gang Starr
With my man DJ Premier on the track
So sit back, and hold your head
And witness the legacy of street knowledge

Once again, it's the gang from the Group Home
watch out we two grown
Little niggas, bustin out on your ass, in the new zone
Using new chrome, to settle thief and cop a new home
Realest history, time to seal this victory
Mastermind, one of a kind, that's why your chick stick to me
And sick to me, the way my voice melts the track
Giving MC's fifty lashes, puttin welts in your backs
Why you talkin all that, I'mma dap in the hoopdy
Plottin on your weirdos, 'cause most of why'all are male groupies
Throw you some panties, for you femenine side
I'm flippin on you, fuck my gentleman side
I'm gettin bent and then ride, straight to where you rest
Vigilante shots, thunder going straight to you vest
So much anger, but you thought you knew me best
We livin legacy, and yo I'm thankful to be blessed (*echo*)

[Chorus: Melachi The Nutcracker, Guru (repeat 1.5X)]
Superior, all soldiers are obedient
With wars unsure, and the fools shall face punishment
We want to infatrate the premicise, why'all prejudice
We livin legacy, real niggas will remember us

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