Mercedes - Pony Ride
Overige artiesten: O'Dell Erica Foxx

featuring Erika Foxx Peaches O'Dell

(verse 1 Mercedes)

baby light a candle

i want to get you in the mood

slip you into my bedroom

and show you the freaky things that i can do

i'ma gonna take you places

so let your body just receive

hope your feeling my emotions baby

you got me in ecstacy

(verse 2 O'Dell)

alright alright alright

explore your every avenue

i'll show you everything i can do

girl let me take yo everywhere

places that you wonder

on and on and on all night

i'll touch you tease you

please don't bite

you know you want what soldiers do

so let me show it to you

(hook Erika, Peaches and Mercedes)

let me take you on a pony ride

just get inside

while i'm nice and high

ohhh my loven goes on and on and on and on and on


(verse 3-Peaches)

come and lay your body down

right here next to me

the temperature is rising

i know you can feel the heat

see i know, i know, i know, i know

you've had a long night

but i promise when i give you my love

everything will be alright

(verse 4-Erika Foxx)

let me take you away

to place unlike you've ever known

i'll give you love from me

cause now you are at home

let me get you close to me

i'll give you what you need

tonites the night sweet baby

so get right into me



hook till fade

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