Montell jordan - Introducing shaunta

Dis here's a Mo Swang production
So check it out as we rip it up
The way only we know how to do, baby
Straight up, for your neighborhood

In South Central, yeah
To my niggas in Compton, yeah
What up, off in Inglewood
And to my brothas in Watts, yeah

Where you at in Jordan Downs, yeah?
And to the ghettos everywhere, uh, yeah
We're gonna do it to ya
And it go a little somethin' like dis, check it out

I'm 'bouts to get buck-wicked, buck-wild on ya right here
Wild style R&B, Hip Hop
And all that other gangsta shit
So check it out as I rizip it up for ya

I made somethin' for the radio and 'Somethin' 4 Da Honeyz'
Somethin' for my neighborhood that made a little money
Now Monty is my name and you know I gets to it
Because I'm kinda fluid, so the Simmons to the Stewart

Stewart got the cash, I went and got equipment
I made some funky shit that you niggas can't get wit
Now Monty, why'd you do it, you're an R&B singer?
A real, stop, a real style is what I had to bring, uh

I'm not a gang banger and I don't buck buck
If niggas get to shootin', I'm the nigga that duck
I don't smoke indo, that's all because
I'm more than happy wit my contact buzz

Now this is how we do it, that's why I say
I did it my way, so just check it as I wreck it
And ya know that I'm bound
I'm comin' straight, strigity straight from the underground

Yeah and I'm straight rippin' this shit
But check it, I'm introducin' my mothafucka
Her name is Shaunta, so check it out as she rips shit
Yo, girl, where you at love?

What I flex is that shit that you wanna hear next is
The way I get busy, then I bring erections
And boom wit no car crash
Bang wit yo' ass fast like Miss Flash, sufferin' sucka-tash

I got you niggas fo' yo' cash flow and yes, I'm bashtro, uh
But don't make an ass of your crew
And what that bitch gonna do? Monty enslave that nigga
Then I take the otha two and smotha you

Not to your gravy, but to your [Incomprehensible]
When I was young, I couldn't drive a [Incomprehensible]
You niggas crave me, you must be crazy
The last ho who jumped wrong got a clip, feelin' dazy

You can't fade me, it's the dash
On to get paid and round up any competition, stomp her
For all you rambling the flexity rip?
Check it out Monty grips
'Cause me and Montell wrecks shit, yeah

Yo, yo, yo, this goin' out to all my niggas out there
Wassup P Double?
Yeah, straight up to no mercy, Percy
The nigga that give me the righteous fades in South Central

To all my niggas on Crenshaw, straight off in the hood
Everywhere in the United States and overseas
Japan and all that bullshit
Wherever, this mothafucka's goin' down
This one's for you baby

Yeah, nigga
Did you guys record that?

Montell, you big sexy, you go
You dressed like Big Bird though
Look like one of them old construction workers
But the boy can sing though, good thing he can sing

Writers: Montell Jordan , SHAUNTA MONTGOMERY


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