Old 97's - Over the cliff

Well I worked hard and I got lots of money
Well I tried hard but I don't want to stay
Yeah I've seen too much trouble, I felt too much pressure bubble
I knew there had to be a better way

I wouldn't hide if you thought I was worth it
You'd smack me down when I misbehave
But everybody knows that I've got flunkies here in tow
To clean up all the messes that I've made

I'm going over the cliff
I'm going over the cliff
And it's hard to tell if life is a burden or a gift
Yeah I'm going over the cliff

Forgive me or forget me everybody
Well I guess I always had this honest streak
Yeah I'm sick of all the yawning, the bitching, and the bawling
I'm sick of feeling powerless and weak

Please don't call me cool just call me

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