Jefferson starship - Black widow

She had wraparound legs, and she
Was twice his size
And when he saw her red thang, he
Was hypnotized
She just lying there waiting for him,
Stretched out on a silky bed
She got sheets like a net, made out of
Silver thread

He say, "I'm comin' atchoo," look out
When a bull sees red
He just had to do it he jump right
Into her web
She shake those long legs till he's
Weak in the knees
He say, "Baby you're the best thing I'll
Ever see!"

Take my love you'll find heaven in
The morning
Take my love and I'll carry
You away
Take my love you can have it if you
Want it
Take my love take my love

Well she wrap him up till he's lookin'
Like a silky dream
He say, "Awoo" with a satisfied
She take all his love then she be
Movin' on
But she be lookin' so good, he say,
"I just got to have some"

She say "Take it sucker!"

She come on so strong he just can't
Get away
When she say "Come here baby"
That's all she need to say
He jump right into the trap he got a
One-track mind
Black widow smiles, she say "Now he's
All mine!"

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