Mr. shadow - What goes around comes around

[Mr. Shadow]
I'm not like Snoop, talking about the gambino
I'm Mr. Shadow, I got you wet El Nino, ike Nino Brown
But In my part of town, motherfuckers that be wondering
End up on the ground, from the roots of soul

I was born to be a foe, beware nothing
In this world could have scare me, stare me down
Like if you got pops, a barrage of gun shots putting and end to the cops
And now it's just me and you, and I'll be seeing you

At your gave for trying to act brave, you could of stayed
But the pigs couldn't wait, and those fools that be-trade
For your ass that never prayed, for cheers if you never shed a tear
Now you sleep with the maggots you motherfucking fagots

Your clan should have never ran cause I'm the man
Mr. Shadow gots you motherfuckers stranded in my land

[Chorus: x2]
What goes around comes around, the tables turns
It's the Shadow of your death come back I'm gonna burn
You slip away slow but I won't it go, what goes around comes around

[Mr. Shadow]
I walk up in the cemetery and I was buried
But then I made out when you thought you laid me out
And now it's all about the pay back, think of way back
I'm your terror, your enemy forever, so let's call the priest

Ain't no peace til deceased, I be the first motherfucker to release
My demon, I know I got you dreamin' and screamin', stirring up the news
'Cause you heard I broke the rules, never leaving clues, I'm refusin' to lose
Every fool that I stake, best believe I payed my dues, many clues that took

Live my life as a crook, take look where ya step or I might resurrect
And Huantcha, bitch motherfucker cause I want you
Teach y'all a lesson that your momma never taught you,
I shot you, took ya for the life you were living, your enemy for life
And you still see me grinning


[Mr. Shadow]
I'll see you in the next life, I'll be waiting
If you think you've seen the last of me, you're mistaking
Now you don't have to ask, let me run you down the facts
They way you bust raps is the way up bust caps, fuck the snaps

I gave you all my testimony, you're a fraud you's a fake
And forever be a phony, now throw away your fantasy
That you were me, but never could it be, because I'm bigger then the sea
I saw ya coming, I was walking you were running,

And all of a sudden I was pointin' and blastin', at you
I was taking away every day that you lived, and I never forgive
Unforgiven, physco way I was driven with the evils how I'm livin'
6 letters in my name, 6 thoughts up in my brain, 6 shots from my slug

Gotcha wakin' up in a frame, a memory of you but it's all because of me
'Til you paid for your sins is the day I set you free


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