Prince paul - Steady slobbin'

"Like an all-day sucker!"
It's two o'clock, and who that knockin on the door?
It's like a drum, that's Momma Dukes, ballin, callin me a bum
And then I'm comin to my senses (Yo Dunn, you gotta represent)
Then I see a woman lookin bold, with a cold cup of water
I'm like, "see'mon Momma, gimme five more minutes"
As we begin it's sun shinin in it my eyes I'm done whinin
Then I rise, I gets the hygiene cleaning
So I'm calling up my peoples then I'm gone
But wait, I notice Momma with the cooking - ("Good looking")
The eggs, the grits, and yo the muffins
I guess I can sample a little somethin
Sit and think about the night past, stuffin my face
I'm steady thinkin bout that tight ass - I didn't hit it
But whatever, I ate the pudding yo word is bond
That shit was good and yo I said, "Love hit me off"
She said she wouldn't, "Get the HELL off!"
There go the door yo that's the mob and whassup my niggaz?
Just let me drop this bomb and we can start to steady slobbin'

"Have you ever seen such a sight in your life.."
Steady slobbin'!
"Have you ever seen such a sight in your life.."
"Like an all-day sucker!"
Steady slobbin'!

It didn't break, wipin my ass
I couldn't wait, swipin my cash ("A dollar?")
I hollered, "Let's be out!"
We bout to set it on the Ave
Forget it think about the shorties I'ma bag
("Look at him!" "Yeah he cut a pretty clown")
Cousin by side of honies sweatin
But he was too busy with money gettin
("Whattup son, could you spare some change?")
Just gettin cheddar, so then I see some of my other fellas
("Whassup my niggaz!" "Aiyyo that motherfucker kinda strange")
Holdin it down son, we stood there, yo check it son
Shorty looked kinda good (Yeah then what?)
Umm, we stood there (She got a body!)
Yeah my nigga, look how she flauntin it
(She probably snotty) Yo word is bond, yo I don't want that bitch
Some sucker in a Lex' took her (Fuck her)
Gimme that next hooker, a shorty not a hoe, but horny on the low
(No doubt) Well I'm bettin this chick could do the job and check it
I'ma be the motherfuckin don and show her I'm bout to steady slobbin'


She all alone (These niggaz must be scared of the ass)
She overgrown, I think she kinda big
As I pass, yo she's sort of healthy
(What that mean, a healthy appetite?)
I'm like, "Yo I'ma go for delf see" (Go for delf be , that's right)
Swingin that "Love yo how you doin?" She responded to the mackin
Love returned to my pursuin just like fondlein the sack
And sayin, "Finally I got one, I know the short stay"
And we up in this sorta hot son, continued foreplay
And then BLAOW we steady thumpin
"Yo hold up Boo yo that's my belly button
Gimme a second, let me get.." UHHH, the jelly comin!
"Great" Of course yo love I'm never satisfied
"Yo you couldn't wait some?" Yo after I hit her I had her cryin
Yo shorty catchin feelings, then you know a nigga snuck out
"You call that sexual healing? GET THE FUCK OUT!"
But first a nigga sittin on the throne to drop this bomb
And then I gather up the motherfuckin squad
And continue to steady slobbin'..


"Like an all-day sucker!"
"Like an all-day sucker!"
"Like an all-day sucker!"
"Like an all-day sucker!"

*glass breaks, alarm goes off*

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