Mr. shadow - El matador

[Mr. Shadow]
Muatalo, that's all I heard in the back of my mind
The voices in my dome got me thinkin so kurpted
The way that I be interupted it's impossible
My actions are unstoppable
Shadow's on the loose bringin war like the Neim troops
I got my boats and my gauge ready to exacute
Those that try to pretend to be a friend of me
You'll remember me for taking many lives
I live my life wise makin widows out of your wives
I analyze every thing before my eyes
I bring the drama from the crack of dawn to sun rise
surprise, I'm one step ahead of you, I'm warning you
I think it's better you, just keep a distance
I'll make your death a mystery like some unlistent
Pistol whippin and unloadin the clip on naybody trippin
Shippin em out without doubt
You should of know what Shadows all about
Scalpin mothafuckas letting em know the man is out
I heard it one to many times
Now I'm bringin mass disasters to your masterminds
With arrors and carabines
You try to play the role of a foe but that's a no-no
And know you got to go with a hole in your soul
Understand I put up with shit from no man
I stand alone now you outta put the chrome to your own dome [Suicide]
I explain the unspoken, leave a happen home broken
Provokin mothafuckas out there lokin
If you got the balls then why don't youcome and test me
Let me show you where your place of rest me
Expekt me, to bring the MAYHEM like only I kind
Remember that I still have you stranded in my land
You and only you is who I'm after
Your ememy for life and where ever you got after
I remain strong, not given a fuck what goes wrong
Ready to battle cause Mr. Shadow is the bomb


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