Angie Stone - Brotha

He is my king, he is my one
Yes he's my father, yes he's my son
I can talk to him, 'cos he understands
Everything I go through and everything I am
He's my support system, I can't live without him
The best thing since sliced bread,
Is his kiss, his hugs, his lips, his touch
And I just want the whole world to know
About my...

Black Brotha, I love ya
And I'll never try to hurt ya
I want you to know that
I'm here for you forever true
'Cos you're my black brotha, strong brotha
There is no one above ya
I want you to know that
I'm here for you forever true
You're my...

He's misunderstood, some say that
He's up to no good around the neighbourhood
Well, for your information
A lot of my brothas got education
Now check it
You got your Wall Street brotha
Your blue-collar brotha
Your down for whatever chillin' on the corner brotha
Your talented brotha, and to everyone of ya'll behind bars
You know that Angie loves ya, my, my

(Chorus) x2

You mean so much to me, you give me what I need,
I'm so proud of you
I love you for staying strong, you got it going on
I'm so proud of you
Going through thick and thin, brothas you gonna win
I'm so proud of you
Whenever you're facing doubt, brothas gon' work it out
I'm so proud of you
I got unshakeable faith in ya
'Cos you're my...

(Chorus) x2

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