Prime suspects - Ride wit my heat

[Chorus: Uzi]
I gotta ride wit my layin' close on on seat
That's how I'm livin', playin' tha game just like red meat
I don't win, I don't eat, I'm refusin' to sleep
Everyday I'm livin' life dodgin' death on tha street

7 nights on a flight, dressed in black on black
Catch 2 days sleep nigga & I'm back on tha set
Treat ya body junkie boy, all I want is tha money
You can point, snort, smoke, speed, ball & feel lovely
Play it how it go I gotta get mine
Duck tha law at tha same time, stick & move, fuck jail time
Fuck petty hustlin', move to big weight
Nothin' less tha 12-5, I'm grossin' 50 G's everyday
Sound kinda sweet but I'm livin' uncomfortable
Cause my shadow spook me out, niggas plottin' on takin' me out
But I been puttin' in work, so nigga deal wit me
Make me paranoid, I'm uppin' them toys, my heat ridin' wit me

[Prime Suspects talkin']
Seen 9-0 pussy ass niggas around this bitch jackin' 'em,
Have they maw dressed in all black singin' a melody around this bitch
(What, fuck it, where them niggas at then) What's happenin'
(Man fuck it, I ain't seen 'em no mo', lets take a ride down tha rode)
Shit I gots some heat

Fuckin' well right I be spooked out
I ain't trustin' on shit,
That's how they find you all tha way stretched tha fuck out
Cause niggas always tryna get theyself repped out
Tryna come up on some clout,
Gotta slow 'em down, get my name out cha mouth
I roll wit 2 junkie fields, chrome 357 steal
Throw away at will, if got murda murda kill
It gets real behind my meal ticket
It pays tha bills, I'm chasin' Jill
Evertime I show my grill in tha field
But I gotta support tha fam, can't be weak
You not gonna take this from me
I'm hound out like Cujo
Look in my eye, tha result of hard times
Got me losin' my mind, fuck it, losin' my mind

I gotta ride wit my heat, smack dead on my front seat
Two 9 millimeters nigga & they sqaushin' all beefs
So I keep heaters on a day to day basis
Cause I'm a Prime Suspect nigga
That can't get around for catchin' cases
So I hit Uzi & Glock on a home wit they's heads up shot
Tha quarter shop hot, meat me around tha corner from tha block
y'all know how it go, if it don't, then it's rocks in tha cut nigga
Tha dicks, they come up,
You can tell 'em cause they like what's up nigga
Ironically, on tha hot spot, there goes Uzi & Glock in tha cut
Wit tha head stash, wit 2 macs, 2 pumps, & 2 choppers
We play tha game like red meat, & if we don't win, we don't eat
Put tha macs & pumps in tha trunk & tha choppers on tha back seat nigga

[Prime Suspects talkin']
Respect a reall nigga (or get dealt wit nigga)
I'd rather be dead than po' nigga
(Just them pussy ass bitches bout playin' wit a nigga)
That's how it be happenin' ( they definitely respectin' a nigga now)
You know I gotta ride wit my muthafuckin' heat nigga


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