Heltah skeltah - M.f.c. lawz
Overige artiesten: Young noble Napoleon Storm Doc holiday

Yeah, Heltah Skeltah (Outlawz)
MFC, almighty
Ruck, yeah, yeah

I spit the vocab (vocab)
While most fags, go rap
No paths and brags about they bitch coach back
Don`t play it in the cup, ready to blast and twist
Any Nigga who be takin`
I`m a pacifist
Yo ass can diss
Told you couldn`t last to this
When you ask of the force of the Magnum, bitch
You drastic (You drastic)
Hastic about the car
Smack `em up with the heater
give `em (?scips?) and scars
(give `em (?scips?) and scars)
I`m hatin` y`all
Niggas try to disrespect
Techniques, next week
I will disconnect
Your fuckin` head of your shoulder
When the dread come below the
bombastic, pullin` bad chips from his hoster
Natural addict with lyrics on your transistor
On your radio takin` no shit about the inflister
Knew that nigga slapped on
Me so I crapped on
(?The ab, it`s the mack, with more barry than steffon?)
Yes y`all (yes y`all, hahahahahaha)
Who the best in the indusphere
Ain`t it the same Nigga that disagree than shook `em here
(shook `em here)
Vinagar, I be puttin` motherfuckers plenty fear
In the heart of these bitch ass nigga with my steady chair
(steady chair)

Who we be?
We be the be double O-T-see,-A-M-P
Who we be?
We be the O-you-T-L-A,-W-Z

Verse 2: Rock, Young Noble
Livin` this hell like the Skeltah
Who can I trust
[Young Noble]
Move emotionless
Puffin` this vibe we got among us
I`m sick of Niggas livin` legal
So we got some Outlawz
[Young Noble]
Push the Southpole
Mad Niggas don`t get pushed in the Southpole
(in the Southpole)
[Young Noble]
I got y`all
Snatchin` guilty tactics cause you`re ashtray
Straight up faggots
My Mag spin to make a Nigga backwards
[Young Noble]
Attack shit like a full blooded pimp for sins
With them aimed at your (?)
[Young Noble]
Named man with a vengeance unless you lay for a thinkin`
Now I get so stupid,
Niggas couldn`t complete for a (?)
[Young Noble]
We livin`
Every single day at full speed, full breed, thugs be
Fuck with this, you bleed (you bleed)
Now we`re keepin` best act boy at Alcatraz
[Young Noble]
Out for cash
Moreno brought it down blast
[Young Noble]
Oringal done clock niggas, fuck these rap niggas
[Young Noble]
What they need is all together
All my thugs is to perform
If you ain`t down for applause
You can get the fuck off
[Young Noble]
See them all at the strong
And get paid and move on
If you ain`t down for applause
You can get the fuck off
[Young Noble]
Captured by the snitch
Suddenly the people fall
Y`all ain`t down for a

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