Magic! - Depend on Me
Overige artiesten: C-Murder

featuring see Murder

[C Murder]

This for all my real niggas locked up

Payin they dues doin that time you know

Don't trip

Chorus: [C Murder]

I be's a TRU nigga till I'm dead depend on me

I won't rest till all my thug niggas is free (x2)

Verse 1: [C Murder]

I'm in the studio smokin weed with my TRU thugs

Motherfuckers gettin' high pass another (dub??)

A whole room full of gangstas with TRU tats

Million dollar niggas still wearin', them baseball caps

And never amongst no fake ass motherfuckers

We posse up and jump your ass like a clucker, huh!

Now you can pay a real nigga to be on your team

But TRU niggas don't ride, by any means

I went to jail, my nigga post bail

We saw the (jump out boys, too tall??)

My niggas took the charge

My second Joe's down in CCC

For my birthday, my niggas gathered up by my window G

That's when I knew I had some down ass niggas money

After that I got TRU tattoed on my stomach

My real niggas gon' understand what I mean

You can't live without some TRU niggas on your team

Chorus x 2

Verse 2: [Magic]

Damn it feels good to be a TRU nigga

Not a worry on my motherfuckin' mind

I got power, I got riches, I got nothing but bitches

And a cadillac sittin' on shine

Damn it feels good to be the TRU nigga

Every time I put this TRU around my neck (hah-hah)

Every Tom, Dick and Harry want to watch my back

And treat a nigga with the upmost respect

Damn it feels good to be with TRU records

I ain't gonna lie fifty dollars put me on the map

Now I'm ridin' in limosines doing shows with Fiend

We carry killas by the motherfucking pack (believe that)

Damn it feels good to be a TRU nigga

I won't stop until they put me on the wall

See I ain't never had shit so it's my time to shine

And I'm a ball 'till I motherfuckin' fall

Damn it feels good to be a TRU nigga

I spit in the judge fuckin' face

And look at him in his eyes before I passed this note

I betta not leave here with a motherfuckin' case

Chorus x 4


You know what I'm sayin, free motherfuckers

Feel good to have a TRU nigga thug watchin your back

see-Murder in this motherfucker with Mr. Magic

etc. .....

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