Ll cool j - Strictly business

Back in the days I made up my mind
That I would be a king, you know, genuine
Reign supreme at the top of the heap
And like working all day, no time to sleep
Destined to rise, in front of your eyes
So we surmise, it's time for the prize
The time has come, we gotta be number one
The world is full of power and we got to get some
No more beggin' and useless teardrops
So I'm trading these teardrops for props
Goin' all the way and with my powerful team
Conquering the world and I'ma rise like cream
All out, putting heads to bed
'Cause I'm a grown man and I hate to get spoon-fed
Wisdom, son, I rose in the east
Till we reach the top, won't be no peace, 'cause it's

Strictly business, strictly business
Ain't no way I'm gonna stop
Strictly business, ain't no time to get more
Gotta make it to the top

Everything we do, gotta be brand new
The moves we make, gotta make the earth shake
Sitting at my desk, 'cause I manifest to my team
Big plans that'll make us the best
'Cause we can rule this game we all play
Pop champagne and make everyday a holiday
Smooth as a rose but hard like steel
From now on, I'ma make my dreams real
On a mission, gotta get there
If you want to rule, you gotta be in there
Our masterplan is the best
And ain't a man alive that'll beat us to a conquest
'Cause this is the reason we was born
To rock on and on and on and on
Look at my eyes, it's hypnotizing
Word is bond, we gotta keep on rising


I'ma be a legend in all the books and mags
Stuffin' the cash inside garbage bags
Ain't no time to waste, we gotta motivate
Pass anybody that stops to get gas
Forever and a day, my destiny's set
No sweat, I make it rougher than rougher gets
Hold on tight, if not, get blown away
Pick up the pieces 'cause we're known to say
Radical things to get a champion's ring
Give it up, punk, don't make me swing
We planned ahead to get the butter and the bread
Dressed in black and I'm stayin' out the red
So when it comes to like taking charge
Get props for where they do and stop frontin' on tar
Gotta go for what you know to be the cream of the crop
With the power of God, I'ma rise to the top, it's


Uncle L (uhh!) (repeat 16X)


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