Benediction - Shadow World

Off the beaten track here lies this Earth
Forgotten in the battle between death and birth
Other self ignite, ignore the fremesence
Look towards the inner sun and dread suspense

Distortion, control
Our Shadow World

At the darkest hour
They gain control
Marring our judgment
Slaving our souls

No more conquest, no regret
Man's inhumanity, our inner destiny
Bring forth our filth and evolves
Eaten away as we decay, our world is dark
Suffering the wrath of aeons

Harmony cries, take control! Take control!
But slowly our vision dies, shadow hood the foe
Debased to Anarchy, open up the pit
Spilling a deluge of black
Swallowing the light, crushing all heart
Shadows arise and attack
Violent descendance, regress unto war
Drowning in a stenchland of the shadow law
Succumb to death so slowly find no end to see
Shadow World evolving for eternity

No more conquest, no regrets

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