N-Tyce - We Come to Party (Callout Hook #2)

(Go, go)
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Party on and on and on, all night

We come 2 move the crowd
Shout it out loud
Peace around the way
Gonna make you proud
N-Tyce in the Monor
Bout ready to party
We don't cause trouble
We don't bother nobody

WE just rock on
Champage popping
Mic's on fire
And the DJs rockin
Hey babe
Betta move to this
N-Tyce got the flavor
With a funky twist

The first night of forever
And we're all gonna be much betta
Come what may

N-Tyce come to party (yeah, yeah)
We all come to party (yeah, yeah)
Come on everybody (yeah, yeah)
Are we gonna party (Oh yeah)

Party on and on and on, all night

Lips sure looking fine
To the red wine
A pound for a penny
And a dollar for a dime
We betta slide
We got that boogie lock down
Dance to the flavor
With a funky sound

This is how we do it on the London side
Rocking to and fro
On the UK vibe
Party people betttta feel the groove
We about to party gonna make you move

Ooh, la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la, bring the old school
Bring the old school
This is how we do it on the UK side
Bring the old school

(Ooh, lou-e-lou-e-loud)

Feels good
Feels good
Feels good
Feelin good

Say yeah yeah (yeah, yeah)
Say oh yeah (oh yeah)
Party on and on and on all night

Ain't nobody can't do without we


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