Mary-Kate en Ashley Olsen - Honky Tonk Hip Hop

Break out the rhinestones and the denim
pull on your fancy boots, your cowboy hat
the wild west is where we're headed
in mini-skirts or a pair of chaps

from nashville to new york
they're doin' a dance that looks so fine
round up the girls, don't forget about the
we're goin' dancin' in one big line

do the honky tonk hip hop
it's so cool you'll never stop
we're doin' the boot scoot and the eleetric
county boogie really can rock

so bring a friend, or come on your own
ya know you'll never feel you're all alone
'cause all your friends are in the line
dancin' till it's time to go back home

*chorus* (x2)

turn up the lights, turn up the music
who knows but when we're though
we might decide to go crazy
and start dancin' two by two


(c) Sisjah

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