Mary-Kate en Ashley Olsen - Butterflies In Your Stomach

when you got butterflies in your stomach,
and a desert in your mouth
your body's signifying it wants a way out.
cuz you're scared that might mess up,
afraid that you might goof,
so when you are feeling raelly nervous,here's
what you have got to do

just breath a little deeper, sip a little water
know that you'll be great, everybody's gonna
love you
specially if you smile,when you step out on
that stage

ooh yeah,ooh yeah,ooh yeah,ooh yeah

now there's something that you must know
since you've done this all before
every fear is going to leave you when you
step on that dance floor
cuz you're doin what you love most and
practiced for,for years
and if you're dancing from your heart, then
you will leave them all in tears

*chorus* (x2)

(c) Sisjah

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