Eric benet - Why
Overige artiesten: The roots

I dance on grey skulls
Of just hipocrites!
On my shoulders I carry
The globe full of pools!

I devour my own trails
On which my homunculus hans!
The comet shot out of my brain
Will not reach the borders of the Space!

Crowds of idiots trample down
My pregnant pituitary gland!
I weep over my Loneliness
Surrounded by my Friends!

I must laugh at the kindness
Of my mortal Enemies!
I open my Inward Mind
For the icy breath of the endless Existence

I want to change into an icicle
Of the universal Reason!
My heart turned to stone
Together with the testicles of the Life!

Thousands of hammers hitting the anvil
Of my dark Destiny!
Why?... Billion of Nothing!


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