Tha alkaholiks - Rockin' with the best
Overige artiesten: Phil da agony

[Featuring Phil Da Agony]

[Tash] Uhh... ahh, uhh uhh

[J-Ro] Uhh, ah one two

[Tash] Check it out

[J-Ro] Ah one two and ah, ah one two

[Tash] It's Tha Liks

[J-Ro] Ah yes yes, you're now rockin with the best

Yes yes, you're now rockin with the best

Uhh, come from the what?

Yes, you're now rockin with the best

[Defari] One two, Defari's in the house

[J-Ro] Defari in the house, you're now rockin with the best

Verse One: J-Ro

Everytime I rhyme I swing mine like wind chimes

It's crack a brew, tie your shoe, do a backspin time

I quit sellin weed but I stuff dimes in my sack

TJ Rolls, Crackerjacks, Mad Lib, Loot Pack

I make you move and change your number like ? to wear you out

like slacks, like when the button on your back pocket cracks

I used to roll with moms, shotgun in the Datsun

Rest in peace shouts out to Donnie LaToya Watson

A real mother for ya, the Ro will never bore ya

I clock mail like Mel be spittin game like a lawyer

I rolled it up, spark it, then I blow like

Branford got one more Son than Sanford's tryin to send him to Stanford

... and ohh yo like Quasimoto

my name rings bells, it's time for Tha Likwit photo

Yes... ladies and gentlemen...

You are now rockin with the best

Chorus: all

Yes, you are now rockin, you are now rockin

You are now rockin with the best

(repeat 2X)

Verse Two: Phil Da Agony

You're now rockin with the best, maximum capacity

for MC's that ain't for the Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull

Pullin words like tug of war from my memory banks

core secure, sweat pours through the forces I give em more

Who want to see a Likwit MC

without the glass ya laugh, feel the wrath of the blast

of the liquor in the flask, so don't ask, or form the question

Verbal harassment, to your environment

Music element, to your conscious, the beat ready rocker

Sippin the vodka straight smokin the sess that niggaz hate

I got the the grammer for Panorama City, with bills in my socks

so they won't break in my pocket on the block

Fool I'm bout to go purchase me some Old Gold beer

My niggaz gettin wasted on my stairs and under the stairs

Liks can cock while I'm twistin my beers

You gotta be able to twist at least three, to Phil Da Agony, really

My currency stretch, for the stress

while I book my matches, askin niggaz who want to match this

Yes, you are now rockin, you are now rockin

You are now rockin with the best


Verse Three: Tash, E-Swift

Niggaz think I'm off my rocker, but big Tash is lifted off that vodka

So rappers know it's curtains from the second that I spot ya

Cause the top notcher goes the extra length to bring it liver

Get me drunk enough and Tash'll crash a party skydivin

Cause to danger I'm no stranger, my mic has insurance

But just to keep it safe I called E-40 for endurance

So it's a everyday occurrence for the Alkie fam to slam

the Likwid hits that make y'all niggaz say, "Yes god damn!"

So get off your ass and JAYAM, to the sounds of Rum and Coke

while I blow my smoke and show you how deep my Likwid soak

into your brain, I still got the style they can't explain

But my homey want to bust so tell these niggaz what's your name!

I'm E-Swift, my beats are known to leave speakers blown

In any fuckin zone, my style is prone to wet the microphone

The hardcore music conductor, the Likwit MC slash

beat constructor, rockin this motherfucker

That's some stuff niggaz I'm finished, if lyrics

need to be replenished I'm sendin bitin MC's to the dentist

to get they grill fixed cause they got too addicted

Now they feelin the pain that Tha Liks have inflicted

I make clubs swing like Tiger Woods on the green

I go the whole eighteen, avoiding anything in between

Niggaz tune into these flows like Friday night mix shows

on the radio, my crew is unfadeable


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