Blaque - When the last tear drops falls

Its so hard to lose the one you love
to finally have to say goodbye
you tried to be strong
but the pain keeps holding on
and al that you can do is cry...
deep within your hart you know its time to move on
when the very tail that you one's knew is gone

when the last tear drop falls
I still be holding on
to al on our memories
and al of what just to be...
when the last tear drops falls
i'm will staying tall
and knew that you here with me
in my hart
when the last tear drop falls

so now I'm alone
and live keeps movin' on
but my destination still on know
oww yeah
with there will be a time
when I fall in love again
when I just men to walk
to streets alone
if there was just one wish
I could be credit here tonight
It will be to have you right back by my side


now its time for me
to find my happiness again
but the emptiness for missin' you
will never never will... baby


oeww woow oww baby owww

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