Changing faces - My heart can't take much more

Don't leave
This way
Oh baby
Ooooh oooh ooh
Please stay
Find a way
Oh, ooh

Did I ever hurt you, intentionally
Did I ever mean to make this love stay
Didn't know how fragile love could be
Or just how easy it brakes, oh no

Don't be so cruel, baby we can work it out
Like all the other times before
Why don't you turn around, don't throw it all away
Believe me we got something worth fighting for, yeah

Baby don't leave
Leave me this way
I've been hurt once before
And my heart can't take much more
Baby please stay
Let's find a way
Don't you walk out that door
'Cause my heart can't take much more

Mmmmm, listen

This is just crazy though the changes we go through
And all this confussion (with no communication)
I want you baby and nobody else, no
'Cause my heart is greevin' over you, hey

How can I break through this wall of silence
Your taleless eyes are telling me a way through, oh
I'll do anything that you want me to
Just talk to me, tell me what I need to do
But baby don't leave


I've got no pride
I got nowhere else to hide
'Cause you made up your own mind
I never dreamed that things could get this bad now
Look me in the eyes
And tell me that you don't love me
'Cause I know, baby I ain't got no business
Leavin' in this world without you
In it, no way
I'm down on my knees beggin' you please


I just can't take it no more, ohhh

Baby don't go
This way, oh no baby
I can't take much more (can't take much more)
Baby please stay (baby please stay)
Gonna find a way
Oh uh uh no no no [Repeat x 3]

Writers: Stephen Kipner , STEPHEN ALAN KIPNER , Robert Donald Palmer , SUE ANN CARWELL , THOMAS DAWSON

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