Ilse DeLange - Beyond gravity

The only thing that keeps me down is gravity
Without it I might fly around
Above live's raging sea

You've released my soul
You've let my spirit go
So I can be
The untied melody
A sun that rises
From my heart
Through these lips
Back to you


Beyond gravity
Lifting me
Up above the clouds
And if ever we fall
We come to rest
Above the raging sea
And beyond gravity

I'm a picture made of broken things
A fallen feathers from an angel's wings
The shatterd pieces of my past
Are held together like stained glass
And as your love shines through me
I reach out for the colours of you
So I can be, the untied melody
A song that rises from my heart
through these lips
Back to you


And if we ever fall
We'll come to rest
Above the raging sea (above the raging sea)
And beyond gravity

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