Foxy brown - Big bad mamma
Overige artiesten: Dru hill

[Fox] Ahh, Trackmasters
My boo
[Dru] Dru Hill, Foxy
[Fox] Right
[Dru] Ill na na na, Na Na
[Fox] Na Na, uhh, that's the shit

[Foxy Brown]
Playa haters every minute want to stop my dough (uh-huh)
And every other minute want to rock my flow (you know)
And every third minute, y'all want to swerve in it
Come quick like a virgin in it... aowww!
So far, came through this year with no bra
Sheer shirt, shakin my Na Na, this head hurt
Got em strung, let em know I'm like a Icee
For the best effect you got to use your tongue
Find my G-Spot get me hot I'm ill
Foxy, chocolate baby, Got Milk?
Shake that ass like you just don't care
'Cause y'all just rookies of the year, what?
Work niggaz, like you one of the live niggaz
Fly niggaz, known to handle a pie nigga
Chick in the, off-white pearl six
On the cellular, gettin them open like Girl 6
It's on

[Chorus: Dru Hill]
She's a bad mamma jamma
Just as Foxy as can be (as Foxy as can be)
Hey, she's a bad mamma jamma
Just as Foxy as can be (as Foxy as she can be)

[Foxy Brown]
Player haters every minute want to see your clothes (uh-huh)
Then every other minute want to know what you drove (uhhh)
Then every third minute, want to know if the fur's rented
That's why I got no time for hoes
It's the Brown Fox, surround blocks, sound nice
See me dressed, D-B-S, Brown rocks
See me just, play the low pro
Got these rap chicks in a choke hold, biatch!
Basically, you're wastin your time hatin me
I'm like one point five, got to make it three
My name will forever ring
Got em screamin "Damn Fox!" on everything, hell yeah
for the paper rip a hot draft
Only for the right dough shorty got that? Still in here
I'll be down when you're goin broke, I'll Na Na
Master Tracks like Tone and Poke, and it's on


[Foxy Brown]
Playa haters every minute want to shit on wax (uh-huh)
Then every other minute talk behind your back (uh-huh)
Then every third minute want to rock you Venice and Bourbon
Nah I ain't got time for dat... that's why
I fakes no jacks, I got chips to gain
I'm like Bo Jack baby, I'm hip to the game
I know it well, rock Prada over Chanel
A H-Class ho with the H. Findel
Rhyme deep in footwear, via Spiga
Like Aaliyah, One in a Million
There's MC's in this rap shit comin in illin
Like I did, laid the groundwork for five hits
Member when I told y'all first week out
Shipped a half a mil, niggaz freaked out
Love yourself, put no one above thee
'Cause ain't nobody gon' fuck me like me, it's on

[Chorus x2]

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