E.Y.C. - Number One

Baby when we're makin' love
You make me feel like no one else
And when I look into your eyes
I tell ya what I see baby you and me
I know just what you need
All you gotta do is trust in me
Baby I'm beggin' you please girl
Want you to know that you can count on me
Baby you are number one in my book girl
You know just what to do to make a guy get hooked
Baby you are number on in my book girl
You know just how to make a guy get hooked on you
I can't control the way I feel
The way you touch me girl
It is so unreal
And every time we get together
You know it feels so right
Thinkin' bout you girl
Day and night
(* Repeat)
(** Repeat)
Hey girl
Let your love flow
Cause we can do it fast or slow
Baby, I'll always treat you right
Cause girl you know you're number one in my life
(** Repeat)

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