Rene froger - She's not you

She is kind and she's sweet.
And she's trying so hard, to make my life complete.
She's wild still a child, and she touches me in places
that i never knew.

But no matter what she tries to do,
and even though it hurts me too
she's not you,.. She's not you

She is right in her way,
but she never have the magic or
the power to make me stay.

Despite the beauty of her face.
She will never take you place,
she's not you, .. she's not you

Oh... how i hate to waste her precious time
For no matter what she does
She'll never be mine

Ooh... ain't no use to pretend
she might be heaven send
But my pain ,.. she never mend.

She's not you, she's not you
She'll never be you

Writers: John Katwijk Van

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