Disney - Brother Bear 'Great Spirits'

When the earth was young and the air was sweet
And the mountains kissed the sky
In the great beyond, with it's many paths
Man and nature lived side by side

In this wilderness of danger and beauty
Lived three brothers bounded by love
Their hearts full of joy
They ask now for guidance
Reaching out to the skies up above

Great Spirits of all who lived before
Take our hands and lead us
Fill our hearts and souls with all you know
Show us that in your eyes
We are all the same
Brothers to each other in this world we remain
Truly brothers all the same

Give us wisdom to pass to each other
Give us strength so we understand
That they things we do, the choices we make
Give direction to all life's plans

To look in wonder at all we've been given
In a world that's not always as it seems
Every corner we turn
Only leads to another
A journey ends, but another begins

(Chorus twice)

Brothers all the same

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