Prince - How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore

Ah, yeah
I keep your picture beside my bed
And I still remember everything you said
I always thought our love was so right
I guess I was wrong
I always thought you'd be by my side, mam
Now you're gone

What I want to know baby, what we had was good
How come you don't call me
Anymore, yeah?

I still light the fire on a rainy night
I still like it better when you holding me tight (holding me tight)
Well, now, um
Everybody said, everybody said that we should never part
Oh yeah
I always did think we looked kind of cute together myself
Tell me baby, baby, baby, why, why you want to go and break my heart?
Why did you want to do it?

All I want to know baby, what we had was good
How come you don't call me anymore?
Why don't you call me girl, yeah, yeah?

Ah, yeah, sometimes it feels like I'm gonna die
If you don't call me, mama, girl, you gotta try
Down on my knees begging you please, please

Why can't you call me sometime baby, yeah

Just one lousy dime, baby
Why can't you call me sometime?
Oh, no, no
Why on earth can't you just pick up the phone, yeah?
You know I don't like being alone
Why must you torture me?
Why you gotta torment me so?


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