Prince - I'll Never B Another Fool

I'll never open my legs again
To a man who's insecure
I'll never open my legs again
Unless I'm really sure

No I'll never, never,no
Never be another fool
Sad but true, I slept with you
I thought we were in love (i was so blind baby)
I even got a rose tattoo
and that was not enough ( oh you blew my mind)


but ill never,no never no ooh
never be another fool ooh ooh
never be another ah fool,no no

Nothing but the best of me
I gave with open arms, I loved you so
Alive and well, I'm back from hell
Released of your charms
(It's time to go)
Scene 23, exit, fade to black
Tell me, (why did you have to ) why'd you have to come back
why, this love you need to fade
Leave the past to yesterday
If only one thing is true
I ain't gonna be another fool,ooh
never, no no
Never be another fool
never, no no no no
Never be another fool
You think about callin'? - Don't!
never, never no, never be another fool

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