Prince - On Sale Now!

1-800 New Funk, may I help U?

Yeah, I'm looking 4 that lyric book, Emanci...

Yes, it's on sale now

How 'bout Kamasutra? (Ooh, yeah)

Yes, we have that 2

Oh, um, all the merchandise from Emancipation?

Everything U want is on sale

Oh, I'll call back with my credit card then (Somebody, somebody)

Thank U 4 calling 1-800 New Funk

No, thank U

And if U're calling outside the US
Just dial 612-474-1751 (Ooh, ooh)

Damn, now I got 2 find some credit (Somewhere someone)
Yo, baby loan me a couple of dollars

It's 2 o'clock in the mornin' {fade out}
And I just can't sleep
Outside, the rain is pourin'
I'm lonely as can b

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